Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018

_looking for models !

_looking for models !

Making selfies is fun...but since I have my studio flashs I am looking for guys and girls who are willing to model. Any age, any appearance is welcome. You can also bring your own ideas and accessory to create something cool together.
As a thank-you you´ll get professional photos for free ! =)
I am located in Dresden, Germany.
If you are interested I am happy to get your message here on facebook.
Looking forward to photograph you!
Sim =)

Two years after...

It´s been two years since my internship in Dresden and now I start to build up my own studio! =)
Finally I have my own studio flashs..Thanks so much to my dear helper!:* I am soooo happy!! =)))

Montag, 5. September 2016

Thurnau, Plesten and Neubürg

Another nice excursion with another nice colleague..: A fantastic time in Thurnau, Plesten and Neubürg...wonderful encounters and pure summer feeling! Thank you, my friend! =)